The Real-Time Benefit of an Accountability Partner

We’re 10 minutes into our coaching session and there’s an urgent knock at the door.  Crises!  The IT guy, in a hurried tone, tells my client that as we speak, her hard-drive is crashing along with all her data.  Now I don’t know about you, but I might have gone berserk at this point.  But not my client.  So elegant.  So graceful.  So efficient in her instructions and with such decorum she handled the situation, hardly making a fuss so that she could return, unfettered, to our coaching conversation.

Afterward I sent her a note saying how impressed I was by how she had handled the tricky situation.  She replied thus;

“Laptop now sorted.  Thanks for the compliments.  I am learning that if there is nothing I can do about a situation – I shouldn’t stress about it – does not help things in any way. But maybe and mostly, it’s because you were around.”

🙂  I take no credit for this at all, but it does offer a lovely example of the real-time benefits of an accountability partner.


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One response to “The Real-Time Benefit of an Accountability Partner

  1. Sounds like she gave you a lovely lesson today ….. Keep Calm and Carry On 🙂

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