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Just because it’s January, should we all be setting goals?

Have you ever had the intuitive niggle that although it is January and everyone is shouting goals, goals, goals, you are simply not ready to set yours yet?  Perhaps you feel like you are still getting a handle on previously set goals or that you are just not inspired for goal-setting at this time?  And it is frustrating because we all know that the annual year runs from January to December and the financial year runs more or less the same, and your HR Department wants your annual objectives pronto.  So what is up for you?  Continue reading


There are many paths

A friend reminded me this morning of Carlos Casteneda, and how much I admire his work.  This reminder sent me looking for an article that I wrote for my newsletter in 2007, when I was engrossed in Danah Zohar’s book; Connecting with our Spiritual Intelligence.  At that time, I was grappling with the notion of choosing one path (career-wise, spiritually, intellectually) when I have an intense desire, paradoxically, to be on many paths simultaneously.  The article is nothing more than a re-quote of Zohar’s words, and it still rings true to me today.  How does it resonate with you?; Continue reading

Is your Uranus in Opposition? (No disrespect intended)

In my experience, a very often  (and apparently not-so-unusual phenomenon happens in my coaching practice) —I seem to attract people who are dealing with such similar issues as I am in my life and career.  If you’re a therapist, counsellor, boss or friend, you’ve undoubtedly experienced the same—when you client or colleague or friend of report starts to share what they think is their unique personal trauma with you, you think, hey, I know this — this is happening in my life too! I think God is on a mission; to show ourselves to ourselves in every encounter. Continue reading