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Take Stock: A personal review ahead of the final quarter

I am amazed at how quickly the times goes.  We’re at the end of September 2012.  Already!  Some of my clients are shifting into high gear for the final push of the year.  I often find that when this happens, we tend to put task ahead of self-reflection.  Before we run head long into the final Quarter of the year, let’s take stock to ensure we’re on the path we intend to be.  Continue reading


On Hitting the Wall, or; The Crises of Meaning

Have you heard of a Psycho- synthesis? It was conceived by a Dr Roberto Assagioli in 1911.  Assagioli was a student of Freud who rebelled against Freud’s ’limited’ vision of man—suggesting that we possess a higher nature and asserting that much of the psychological dysfunction in the world stems from frustration or even desperation about the lack of meaning and purpose in our lives.  A psychosynthesis-viewpoint invites you search for meaning, to look at life as a developmental journey, to see the creative potential within each problem, to see obstacles as stepping stones and to imagine that we all have a purpose in life with challenges and obstacles to overcome in order to fulfil that purpose.

To demonstrate the point, I’ve collated and adapted this information from John Whitmore’s third edition of Coaching for Performance together with these two-dimensional graphical models which give a helpful visual of how or why, we experience this crises of meaning;  Continue reading

Can any One Word describe the Power of Exercising the Mind?

I’ve recently been inspired by this question asked of me by a colleague, “What is the one word that best describes the outcome of coaching and development for you?”. Dozens of words come to mind!  In my inspiration, I posed the same question to other coaching colleagues.  It seems they too were challenged to select just one word for the array of benefits that arise as a result of the coaching process. Still searching for my one word, my truth, I grabbed a copy of Mark Forstater’s book ’The living Wisdom of Socrates’, and found myself deep in the musings of one of the world’s most celebrated philosophers (dare I call him a Coach?) for over 2300 years.  Continue reading

The Authentic leadership Paradox Wheel

I am currently in coaching relationships with a number of leaders who need to make a shift from operational leadership to strategic leadership.  This requires some paradigms shifts, to move from the place of working “in” the business, to working “on” the business.  It’s a real challenge to take a hands-off approach when you are so familiar with a hands-on approach. I like to offer my clients different leadership perspectives that might help them to articulate and start to practice their leadership in a new way.   One of the tools that has has been helpful in this process is The Authentic Leadership Paradox Wheel.

Continue reading

4 Ways to use Coaching: Skill, Performance, Development and Free Agenda

For those of us looking to share and deepen our coaching skills;

Coaching is no longer a buzzword, in fact executive coaching is now seen as a valuable adjunct to most executive’s performance. This highly personalized learning process adapts and flexes to each executives needs along a continuum of Skills, Performance, Development and Free Agenda.  What do each of these mean?  Guided by Robert Witherspoon’s insert in Coaching for Leadership [Goldsmith, Lyons, Freas] I’ve created this outline below; Continue reading


If we want the deepest level of life fulfillment, we can achieve it in only one way: by deciding upon what we value most in our life, what our highest values are, and then committing to live by them every single day. If you and I are not clear about what’s important in our lives—what we truly stand for—then how can we ever expect to lay the foundation for a sense of self- esteem, much less have the capacity to make effective decisions? Continue reading

13 Tips to Starting your own Business

Sometimes I need a good kick in the behind to get a blog post up.  This one is thanks to People Magazine who have asked me to contribute to the January 2012 edition with some tips on starting your own business.  I’m not convinced that people Magazine readers are my ideal target market (never be too hasty, I hear you say),  and the tips, as I see them, apply to all aspirant entrepreneurs. They asked for 12 and I couldn’t help including 13 (for luck!).  So here they are, ala Michelle; 13 Tips to Starting your own business in 2012; Continue reading