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Motivation and the ‘Referred’ Coachee

“I can’t see how coaching will benefit me.  Things are fine, just a small  hiccup, is all. I don’t have the time to be talking with you. I’m only here because they insist. What do you want from me?”

Ouch. These words from a recent client are not music to any coach (or manager or leaders) ears. How to proceed?  With calm caution. Continue reading


Observations of life through a lens

For the first time in 5 years I stayed put in my home town for the holidays.   With great longing I watch my friends and colleagues jet-set off to foreign lands, as I have been doing before.  My envy is born of my wanderlust for vagabonding and relating to the world. But more, so much more, it’s motivated by my love for street photography.  I’m one of many photography hobbyists who feels somewhat uninspired by the familiarity of my own world, believing that the photographic content is always greener on the other side. Continue reading

Is Spirituality in the Boardroom an Oxymoron or Achievable?

When I was a little girl I was taught the societal fundamentals of dinner-table etiquette; to avoid dinner table arguments, never discuss politics or religion at the dinner table.  Now that I’m a big girl, I’ve decided to rebel that rule—I love to talk politics and religion right at the dinner table.  I’ve learned that what is important is how you discuss them.  Is it just me, or does it seem that society’s thinking has followed my evolution from little to big? Continue reading

Constant Careerists – Take Heart!

In 2001, the same year of his passing, Thorsons publishers published Heart Surgeon Professor Chris  Barnard’s book 50 Ways to a Healthy Heart.  In this definitive guide, Barnard highlights the obvious lifestyle habits that support a healthy heart—don’t smoke or eat too much fat or fry your food.  Do take your vitamins and minerals and eat plenty of fresh fruit and veggies.  Manage your stress levels, sleep beautifully and spend time in sunlight.  Add exercise and adopt a positive attitude.  Interestingly to me, and importantly to many of us, he warns that people whom he calls ‘constant careerists’ should take special heed to protect against heart disease. Continue reading

Coincidences and Cosmic Jolts

When was the last time you experienced something seemingly out of the ordinary?  Perhaps this morning you were thinking about someone and ring, ring, they called.  Or, you were looking for a signal or sign, a piece of information,  when a newsletter slipped into your inbox and offered it to you. Did you consider why this coincidence might have happened? Continue reading