What is your view of the World?

PhotographeratWorkMarch2013The word “paradigm” has become familiar to most of us.  It refers to the conceptual framework, belief system, and overall perspective through which we see and interpret the world – our ‘lens’, so to speak.  Our paradigm determines what we are able to see, how we think, how we respond and behave.  Mostly, we don’t question the accuracy of our  paradigm because we’re usually unaware of its existence.  Trying to reflect on it is like trying to study the color pink while wearing pink-colored glasses.  We cannot distance ourselves enough from it to see how much it affects our perception.  We simply assume that the way we see things is the way they really are.  Continue reading


Do you Labour with Love?

ImageSome of you may know that I am a student of Astrology.  I was introduced to it by a co-worker many years ago who kept insisting that I “dressed just like a Capricorn”.  Intrigued to know more, I began a life-long study of this ancient art and science.  When I work with coaching clients who are themselves receptive to astrology, I find the astro-language offers us a unique perspective for self-study.  This post, based on the eloquent work of Astrologer and Creative Writer, Linda Goodman, offers us a look at the sun signs in the context of the work we do. What motivates each sign?  What might be considered out Labor of Love?  Continue reading

Preoccupation, be gone!

“How whole is your ‘whole life?'” is the name of the 8th Chapter of Susan Jeffers’ book Feel the Fear and do it anyway. The chapter serves as a reminder to us about perspective – about giving more attention to select areas of our lives, and far less to others. The areas that we focus on can become so significant that we base out identity there. We say ‘My work is my whole life’ or ‘My relationship is my whole life’. The risk we run is that, if we lose the thing upon which our whole life is based, our whole life might feel like it is falling apart. Along side this, even on a smaller scale, we can be absorbed, preoccupied and lose ourselves in select dramas of life that serve to distract us from other important areas. Continue reading

My Mid-Life Crises: and a backbend in cyber-space

The BackBendI’d really prefer not to think of myself as in my “Mid-Life” – the term scares me.  Let alone “having a crises”.  Outwardly no one is seeing typical mid-life symptoms; I’ve not bought a motorbike, tattooed Rumi sutras across my left arm or found a lover 20 years my junior.  (Ok, I have posted a picture of myself doing a backbend in cyber-space – does that count?)  I’m a youthful women in my early 40’s – “mid-life” happens in our 50’s, I tell myself.  And then another one of life’s interesting side-balls brings me back from illusion to reality, turns my thinking upside down, and I recognize I might be having some sort of crises – perhaps, as  a  ’crises of meaning’ that I wrote about a few posts back.  Continue reading

Just because it’s January, should we all be setting goals?

Have you ever had the intuitive niggle that although it is January and everyone is shouting goals, goals, goals, you are simply not ready to set yours yet?  Perhaps you feel like you are still getting a handle on previously set goals or that you are just not inspired for goal-setting at this time?  And it is frustrating because we all know that the annual year runs from January to December and the financial year runs more or less the same, and your HR Department wants your annual objectives pronto.  So what is up for you?  Continue reading

Keep Walking! and other techniques for moving beyond the limitations in our heads

Although I’m not a whisky drinker, for some years I have adopted for my own inspiration the slogan from the Johnnie Walker Advertising campaign that encourages me to just Keep Walking! It’s my habit to look for quotes and personal motivating slogans to use as personal prompts to help me to stay focused on implementing my ideas. Thanks to Nike— I ‘Just Do It’! Thanks to the Olympic high-jump coach, I ’Throw my heart over the bar and the rest will follow’. Thanks to my yoga teacher, I ‘Go there and make that effort’. Continue reading

ProActive or ReActive? They both still Active!

Oftentimes it seems that the world urges us all to be proactive types.  We’re called on to self-motivate, initiate and get-started.  Yet, not all of us are natural initiates, some of us are wired as more reactionary people.  So, quite naturally, we might go about frustrating each other (“Hurry up, let’s go!”, “Hang on, I’m still thinking”) Now, if we can learn to speak each other’s language, as Shelle Rose Charvet points out in Words that Change Minds: Mastering the Language of Influence, we can beneficially influence each other, each other’s responses and behaviors.

Let’s look at the two patterns; Continue reading