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Seeking Sattwa: equilibrium and harmony

There are those us who have (not yet?) chosen to escape to caves or island retreats for a life of meditation and yoga.  Those of us who still throw ourselves into the daily chaos of creativity, business and economics.  In our chaotic contribution, we still look for the same peace of mind, the same sense of equilibrium amongst the hustle and energy of our world.  We too seek Sattwa.

The ancient yogis have known what modern science has recently affirmed  – everything (all matter, our bodies, the empty spaces between us), when broken down to its smallest component, amounts to nothing more than energy.  The world as we know it is essentially a massive collection of energy particles.

 Energy only ever finds itself in three different states.  Continue reading


Shifting Perspective

If you own a cat, and even if you don’t, I’ll bet you’re familiar with feline tactics for attention.  Walking, prancing and rolling on a keyboard is a  favored manoeuvre.   This morning, my cat was doing just that when she accomplished an extraordinary shift; I’m not sure which  keys she stood on, and in what sequence, but *viola!* the entire visual on my display screen turned 90 degrees. The whole screen.  I didn’t even know my notebook had such a  trick in it! I had to turn in on it’s side to view my screen.  It’s taken me quite some time to figure how to right the image.  The experience reminded me about a coaching dialogue technique — about how taking a 90-degree angle shift on something can shift our perspective. Whitworth et al, in their book Co-Active Coaching, set out this elegant example.  I hope it adds value to your thinking.  Continue reading

Can any One Word describe the Power of Exercising the Mind?

I’ve recently been inspired by this question asked of me by a colleague, “What is the one word that best describes the outcome of coaching and development for you?”. Dozens of words come to mind!  In my inspiration, I posed the same question to other coaching colleagues.  It seems they too were challenged to select just one word for the array of benefits that arise as a result of the coaching process. Still searching for my one word, my truth, I grabbed a copy of Mark Forstater’s book ’The living Wisdom of Socrates’, and found myself deep in the musings of one of the world’s most celebrated philosophers (dare I call him a Coach?) for over 2300 years.  Continue reading

Observations of life through a lens

For the first time in 5 years I stayed put in my home town for the holidays.   With great longing I watch my friends and colleagues jet-set off to foreign lands, as I have been doing before.  My envy is born of my wanderlust for vagabonding and relating to the world. But more, so much more, it’s motivated by my love for street photography.  I’m one of many photography hobbyists who feels somewhat uninspired by the familiarity of my own world, believing that the photographic content is always greener on the other side. Continue reading

Beware bringing the Boardroom into the Bedroom

Armed with IPads, e-mail, blackberry’s and laptops, today’s ambitious executive can put to shame our counterpart in the money-grabbing 1980s.  Today we can be on call anywhere, anytime. Professional work can be seamlessly carried into the bedroom and, scarily, even the hospital bed. Continue reading

Coaches: Do your actions speak as loud as your words?

“After all is said and done, a lot more will have been said than done.” ~Author Unknown

This month I was contacted by a coaching colleague in Kwa-Zulu Natal (a coach I do not know – isn’t it wonderful when your marketing systems draw the right contacts to you?). She asked that I contribute to an article request from Weighless Wellness Magazine inviting coaches to expose their own personal habits. The editor wanted to turn the table on 3 Coaches, asking them to share what it is they DO in their own lives.  “Walking the talk” and “actions speak louder than words” are 2 clichés they wanted to put to the test here.  Quite rightly, since coaches and mentors are in the business of helping our clients to inspect their habits, not so?  The magazine wanted to evaluate whether we are indeed living up to Benjamin Franklin’s credo of “Well done is better than well said” Continue reading