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Learn The Language

Coaching brings with it dynamic thinking constructs together with its own unique language, buzz words and vocabulary.

Learning the language is a great way to get acquainted with coaching, whether you’re about to coach or whether you’re preparing for your first chemistry meeting with your preferred coach.  Continue reading


Personal Branding – Own It!

We all have an idea of ourselves that we’d like the rest of the world to see, whether it is perfectly authentic or not. The problem is that for a large number of people, this idea that we hold in our minds, is often where it stays. Getting this version of yourself out to the rest of the world is where the problem begins to manifest, and take on a life of its own.  The person we believe we are presenting to co-workers and potential business partners turns out to be someone else entirely, someone you didn’t think you were at all. You find yourself asking: “How did my employees get the idea that I had no hobbies or social interests?” or “Why would potential business associates go with my competitors when I clearly charge a lower fee and deliver on promises?” The answer is this: the person you know you are, is not the person that others see you as. In other words, your internal brand and your external brand are not congruent. This means just one thing: your personal branding needs some attention.  Continue reading