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Shifting Perspective

If you own a cat, and even if you don’t, I’ll bet you’re familiar with feline tactics for attention.  Walking, prancing and rolling on a keyboard is a  favored manoeuvre.   This morning, my cat was doing just that when she accomplished an extraordinary shift; I’m not sure which  keys she stood on, and in what sequence, but *viola!* the entire visual on my display screen turned 90 degrees. The whole screen.  I didn’t even know my notebook had such a  trick in it! I had to turn in on it’s side to view my screen.  It’s taken me quite some time to figure how to right the image.  The experience reminded me about a coaching dialogue technique — about how taking a 90-degree angle shift on something can shift our perspective. Whitworth et al, in their book Co-Active Coaching, set out this elegant example.  I hope it adds value to your thinking.  Continue reading


Discussing the Undiscussables

“Will you share your concern at the next EXCO meeting?”, I ask my client.  He looks horrified, “No. This is a taboo subject around here and being the one to raise it again will leave me at risk and unpopular”.  But how will you learn from it, I ask?

My client is experiencing what many people experience in many organizations— a significant barrier to team learning;  the existence of topics that are “undiscussables”. Continue reading

Too much evidence Points to the Positive

All strengths can be overdone and it’s no a surprise to hear that on one of my client’s properties, people are starting to get irked by overdone positive messages.  Of course, a dose of reality is important to temper the message but, before you throw out all your coaches and motivational influencers, take a look at the early research that propositions the notion that when you think and feel positively, positive things happen; Continue reading