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Shifting Perspective

If you own a cat, and even if you don’t, I’ll bet you’re familiar with feline tactics for attention.  Walking, prancing and rolling on a keyboard is a  favored manoeuvre.   This morning, my cat was doing just that when she accomplished an extraordinary shift; I’m not sure which  keys she stood on, and in what sequence, but *viola!* the entire visual on my display screen turned 90 degrees. The whole screen.  I didn’t even know my notebook had such a  trick in it! I had to turn in on it’s side to view my screen.  It’s taken me quite some time to figure how to right the image.  The experience reminded me about a coaching dialogue technique — about how taking a 90-degree angle shift on something can shift our perspective. Whitworth et al, in their book Co-Active Coaching, set out this elegant example.  I hope it adds value to your thinking.  Continue reading


Keep Walking! and other techniques for moving beyond the limitations in our heads

Although I’m not a whisky drinker, for some years I have adopted for my own inspiration the slogan from the Johnnie Walker Advertising campaign that encourages me to just Keep Walking! It’s my habit to look for quotes and personal motivating slogans to use as personal prompts to help me to stay focused on implementing my ideas. Thanks to Nike— I ‘Just Do It’! Thanks to the Olympic high-jump coach, I ’Throw my heart over the bar and the rest will follow’. Thanks to my yoga teacher, I ‘Go there and make that effort’. Continue reading

Leaders! Awaken the Living Dead!

David Bolchover pulls not punches when we unveils the the truth behind the corporate myth.  In his book The Living Dead he speaks about the harsh reality of under work.  The gross under-utilization of talent.  The criminal waste of human potential.  The slow strangling of drive, creativity and ambition in today’s corporate world. Any leader and manager would do well to take a slow walk around their office floor to connect with their people, understand who amongst them are part of the Living Dead and begin an immediate campaign to awaken these poor souls back to creative contribution.

The book is loaded with numerous statistics to prove his case;  Continue reading

Take Stock: A personal review ahead of the final quarter

I am amazed at how quickly the times goes.  We’re at the end of September 2012.  Already!  Some of my clients are shifting into high gear for the final push of the year.  I often find that when this happens, we tend to put task ahead of self-reflection.  Before we run head long into the final Quarter of the year, let’s take stock to ensure we’re on the path we intend to be.  Continue reading

Memo to Leaders

This extract from Susan Scott’s Book Fierce leadership tickled me.  It’s frank, it’s funny and it’s real—a 10 point memo to today’s leaders.  The only piece if advice not made explicit is this; get a coach.  A confidential thinking partner to help you navigate the complexity of 21st century leadership.  We all deserve some straight-talk on the challenges that leadership demands of us.  Continue reading

Can any One Word describe the Power of Exercising the Mind?

I’ve recently been inspired by this question asked of me by a colleague, “What is the one word that best describes the outcome of coaching and development for you?”. Dozens of words come to mind!  In my inspiration, I posed the same question to other coaching colleagues.  It seems they too were challenged to select just one word for the array of benefits that arise as a result of the coaching process. Still searching for my one word, my truth, I grabbed a copy of Mark Forstater’s book ’The living Wisdom of Socrates’, and found myself deep in the musings of one of the world’s most celebrated philosophers (dare I call him a Coach?) for over 2300 years.  Continue reading

4 Ways to use Coaching: Skill, Performance, Development and Free Agenda

For those of us looking to share and deepen our coaching skills;

Coaching is no longer a buzzword, in fact executive coaching is now seen as a valuable adjunct to most executive’s performance. This highly personalized learning process adapts and flexes to each executives needs along a continuum of Skills, Performance, Development and Free Agenda.  What do each of these mean?  Guided by Robert Witherspoon’s insert in Coaching for Leadership [Goldsmith, Lyons, Freas] I’ve created this outline below; Continue reading