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Preoccupation, be gone!

“How whole is your ‘whole life?'” is the name of the 8th Chapter of Susan Jeffers’ book Feel the Fear and do it anyway. The chapter serves as a reminder to us about perspective – about giving more attention to select areas of our lives, and far less to others. The areas that we focus on can become so significant that we base out identity there. We say ‘My work is my whole life’ or ‘My relationship is my whole life’. The risk we run is that, if we lose the thing upon which our whole life is based, our whole life might feel like it is falling apart. Along side this, even on a smaller scale, we can be absorbed, preoccupied and lose ourselves in select dramas of life that serve to distract us from other important areas. Continue reading


Is your Uranus in Opposition? (No disrespect intended)

In my experience, a very often  (and apparently not-so-unusual phenomenon happens in my coaching practice) —I seem to attract people who are dealing with such similar issues as I am in my life and career.  If you’re a therapist, counsellor, boss or friend, you’ve undoubtedly experienced the same—when you client or colleague or friend of report starts to share what they think is their unique personal trauma with you, you think, hey, I know this — this is happening in my life too! I think God is on a mission; to show ourselves to ourselves in every encounter. Continue reading

Are you BE-ing a lion or a fox?

A Zen teaching story tells of a man who prayed continually for awareness to succeed in life.   Then one night he dreamed of going into the forest to attain understanding.  The next morning he went into the woods and wandered for several hours looking for some sign that would provide answers.  When he finally stopped to rest, he saw a fox with no legs lying between two rocks in a cool place.  Curious as to know how a legless fox could survive, he waited until sunset when he observed a lion come and lay meat before the fox.  ‘Ah, I understand’, the man thought.  ‘The secret to success is to trust that God will take care of all my needs.  I don’t need to provide for myself.  All I have to do is totally surrender to the all-sustaining universe.’  Two weeks later, weakened and starving, the man had another dream.  In it he heard a voice say, ‘Fool.  Be like the lion, not the fox’.  Continue reading

Awareness of the Reality of the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

If you haven’t yet got yourself a copy of Achieving our Full Potential (New Voices Publishing ISBN-13:978-1-920094-69-0), I suggest you rush out and get it.  Written by South African psychologist and executive coach, Dr Richard Oxtoby , it offers easy to understand and no-nonsense psychology concepts to adopt in a personal change program.  One of the chapters I really enjoy is called Awareness of the reality of the self-fulfilling prophecy where Dr Oxtoby sheds some credibility on this sometimes out-there concept.   Continue reading