Work with Me

My coaching programs are custom designed to meet the needs of my clients both in terms of time frames and budgets:

Private Coaching:  is for you if you are paying for the coaching yourself.  I respect your budget and am able to cut-away cumbersome paperwork and reporting that is usually required by corporate firms.  As a consequence, our coaching relationship is sleek and effective and well-priced.

I offer private clients 3 coaching meetings, scheduled in two week intervals.  At our third meeting, we decide whether to continue, pause, or successfully terminate our coaching partnership.

My private clients include Entrepreneurs,  Individuals in Career Transition, Creatives, Executive and Life Coaches

Corporate Coaching:  is for  you if your company is paying for the coaching and there is a need to demonstrate the ROI of coaching to your employer.  I respect the corporate compliance and the needs of corporate stakeholders to understand and measure your coaching investment.  My coaching program includes assessment (if required), 360 feedback processes, client-coach-coacheee goal-aligment meetings and compliance reporting.

I offer corporate clients 10 coaching meetings, scheduled in two week intervals.

My Corporate clients include High Flyers, Senior Managers, Executives, Directors and C-Suite Executives

CEO Coaching: is for you if you are the CEO or business owner.  I respect your busy schedule and the numerous demands on you.  Our coaching partnership will be custom-designed from scratch.  Let’s connect for a confidential conversation and co-create our coaching plan.

To ensure my complete attention to my clients, I only work with a select number of clients per year.  Please be in touch now and let’s explore the possibilities…..


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